Barriers to Integrity Activity

Directions: Distribute barrier activity cards and assign to individuals or group. Barriers to Integrity Activity Cards Allow time for discussions related to cards. Discuss barriers to integrity for the 12 Integrity Driven Behaviors below and share responses with the group. Brainstorm ways to remove the barriers identified and share responses with the group. Facilitator Notes: […]

Empathy: A Client’s Perspective “The Other Side of the Desk”

There are many other sources of information you can access concerning Compassion. A resource that might be applicable include: A Client’s Perspective “The Other Side of the Desk”

What is Integrity? Overview

Integrity refers to a consistency in the way a person lives the values, principles and expectations of the organization in relationships with coworkers, customers, partners and stakeholders. Honesty, trust and fairness are central to integrity.

Empathy – Using Stories

As you see instances where empathy and compassion are used, document the story and use your stories to teach younger or less experienced workers. By sharing real life examples of compassion, we influence the future culture of DHS. There are hundreds of stories of compassion to draw from right where you live. Several AFS & […]

Empathy – Barriers & Solutions: Work-Related

Work-Related Barriers Some things that hinder empathy are related to… Lack of Experience: New employees sometimes don’t have the work experience it takes to be empathetic; and Other workers sometimes don’t have the life experience it takes to be empathetic. Lack of Knowledge: Some workers don’t know how to act on their empathy. Work-Related Solutions […]

UpdatedEmpathy – Rewarding Empathy

Rewarding Empathy

Empathy – Barriers & Solutions: Personal

Personal Barriers & Solutions related to empathy.

Empathy – Barriers & Solutions: Cultural

Cultural Barriers & Solutions related to Empathy

Integrity – Group Activity: Minefield

Integrity — Ability to know and do what is right Problem Solving: Integrity Summary: Blindfolded people navigate their way through the obstacles (cups) with the directions from partners. Time: 10 minutes total Brief the group: 2 minutes Exercise: 5 minutes Reflection: 3 minutes Cups Represents: Clients, Relationships, Family, Friends, Supervisor, Role on the Team, etc… […]

UpdatedIntegrity – Acronym

“I” stands for initiative. Take the initiative to do the right thing even when no one else will know. “N” stands for nurturing. Nurture others through the quality of your actions even when no one else will know. “T” stands for teamwork. Teamwork is service before self even when no one else will know. “E” […]