Field Manager Process – Conferences

Supervisor / Employee Conferences

Not Coaching vs. Good Coaching

A good definition of coaching is “the art or science of someone helping another reach higher effectiveness by creating a dialogue that leads to self-awareness and action.” Most often is it not merely the giving of an answer, but rather a conversation that allows the employee to discover the answer /solution. In this way the […]

Gemba Process / Collaborative Coaching – Client Customer Service

Gemba is used to describe visualizing and observing how work is done at the level of the worker. Assess the current state of work, without interruption or suggestion. After the process is complete, a Coaching conversation can take place, to identify strengths and also allow self-reflection of obstacles that workers encounter so that solutions can […]

Gemba Process / Collaborative Coaching – Quest Usage

Collaborative Coaching is a vehicle for the continuous growth, encouragement, and development of AFS employees. The first part of the Collaborative Coaching process is to observe the employee performing a job duty without giving solutions or suggestions. This is known as the Gemba Walk. After the Gemba is completed, you will conduct a coaching conversation […]

Integrity – Group Activity: Minefield

Integrity — Ability to know and do what is right Problem Solving: Integrity Summary: Blindfolded people navigate their way through the obstacles (cups) with the directions from partners. Time: 10 minutes total Brief the group: 2 minutes Exercise: 5 minutes Reflection: 3 minutes Cups Represents: Clients, Relationships, Family, Friends, Supervisor, Role on the Team, etc… […]

Leadership – Delegates Responsibility

Delegating Responsibility has four skills: knows when to delegate and when to take personal responsibility; delegates the right job to people with capacity to learn and do the job; gives others authority to independently fulfill responsibilities; and empowers others to find creative solutions to problems Delegating responsibility is one of the key factors in developing […]

Development of Others – Cultivating Individual Talents

Cultivating Individual Talents requires these four mature leadership skill capabilities: patient, helpful, effective coaching skills; give your people access to training for skill development, professional growth; provide your people objective feedback on their strengths, and their needs to grow; maintain a timely schedule for progress reviews and follow-up activities Few managers realize the importance of […]