The Importance of Active Listening

Active listening is a model for respect and understanding and is a way to gain information and perspective. Access The Importance of Active Listening document .

Compassion – Self Care

Empathy – Barriers & Solutions: Systemic

Systemic Barriers Some things that hinder empathy can be caused by the process itself. For example. You or your client has had a difficult past experience that affects both perception and behavior. We all have other responsibilities (e.g., deadlines, meetings, etc.) that compete for our time and energy. The atmosphere is hectic where we work […]

Integrity – Group Activity: Minefield

Integrity — Ability to know and do what is right Problem Solving: Integrity Summary: Blindfolded people navigate their way through the obstacles (cups) with the directions from partners. Time: 10 minutes total Brief the group: 2 minutes Exercise: 5 minutes Reflection: 3 minutes Cups Represents: Clients, Relationships, Family, Friends, Supervisor, Role on the Team, etc… […]

UpdatedIntegrity – Acronym

“I” stands for initiative. Take the initiative to do the right thing even when no one else will know. “N” stands for nurturing. Nurture others through the quality of your actions even when no one else will know. “T” stands for teamwork. Teamwork is service before self even when no one else will know. “E” […]

Why Customer Service is Important

Displaying quality customer service in every customer interaction will give customers the assurance that YOU CARE about the customer, their situation and the importance of the work you do. You are engaged in a career of service, where you can derive satisfaction from the many opportunities you have to help customers and their families. Possessing […]