AFS Values: Empathy – Barriers & Solutions: Work-Related

Work-Related Barriers
Some things that hinder empathy are related to…

Lack of Experience:

  • New employees sometimes don’t have the work experience it takes to be empathetic; and
  • Other workers sometimes don’t have the life experience it takes to be empathetic.

Lack of Knowledge:

  • Some workers don’t know how to act on their empathy.

Work-Related Solutions
Some simple ways we can address the work-related barriers to empathy are to…
Educate yourself about…

  • Client challenges, needs, differences, etc.;
  • DHS programs and services
  • Community resources.

Seek Assistance:

  • Find a mentor;
  • Shadow other more experienced workers or supervisors;
  • Ask a coach; or
  • Have someone observe your interactions.

Be Prepared:

  • Build confidence about policy and procedures;
  • Practice honest, accommodating interpretation of policy.

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