Property Management Unit (PMU)

Property Management Unit (PMU)

Safety – Self-Assessment

Empathy – Barriers & Solutions: Work-Related

Work-Related Barriers Some things that hinder empathy are related to… Lack of Experience: New employees sometimes don’t have the work experience it takes to be empathetic; and Other workers sometimes don’t have the life experience it takes to be empathetic. Lack of Knowledge: Some workers don’t know how to act on their empathy. Work-Related Solutions […]

Professionalism – Knowledge

Professionalism also means you are trained to do a job well. Being an “expert” in your job is essential to being a true professional. In order to be knowledgeable you should: Seek out further training and educational materials in your field to stay current and provide expert information Be aware of current office policies and […]

UpdatedWhat is Professionalism? Overview

Professionalism is defined as the skill, qualities, and good judgment that is expected from an individual who is trained to do a job well.