Employee Safety: Safety – Self-Assessment

John is walking out to the lobby to call his next client for an interview when he trips over a loose piece of carpet and falls to the floor. He gets up from the floor and determines no damage was done and he feels fine. Safety conscious John would:
Jennifer is not feeling well and stops by her doctor’s office on the way to work. Her physician diagnoses her with the flu and says she is in the contagious stage. He prescribes her medication and recommends that she stay home for a few days. Safety conscious Jennifer would:
Rick is walking through the waiting area and is approached by someone who says he is there to visit one of Rick’s co-workers and would Rick take him back to where the co-worker is located as he is in a hurry. Safety conscious Rick would:
Pam’s co-worker David asks Pam if he can use her password and logon ID to do a quick interview with a client as he has been locked out and hasn’t had a chance to call Data Services to get his access restored. Safety conscious Pam would:
Brad shares a cubicle with George. George has just left a meeting with his supervisor and is furious. George states he is fed up with his supervisor and it’s about time he got what he deserved. George says “I’m going to hurt him bad”. Safety conscious Brad would:
Alicia has recently noticed that one of the rear entrance doors to her office building, which is supposed to be locked at all times, is sometimes left unlocked for hours at a time. Many employees use it to exit and enter the building for lunch and breaks. Safety conscious Alicia would:
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