Child Care Subsidy: EEHL Screen

Check this screen to view history of the EE (IMS Social Services/FACS Child Care Eligibility tab). For example: certifications, denials, closures, copayment changes

To view this screen:

  1. Login to IMS
  2. Clear the screen
  3. Type EEHL (space) and the case number
  4. Press ‘Enter’

Field Descriptions

EEHL screen in IMS with fields E10 Number of Children in Family, E11 Number of adults in the family, Change Date, Type Action, Effective Date and Co-Pay highlighted

Number of children in the family
Number of adults in the family
Change Date
Date the change was processed
Type Action
Effective Date and Copay
Displays copay amount and the effective date for that co-pay for the EBT system

To view information about a specific update of the child care history, type EEH beside the sequence number you want to view and hit enter.

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