NewDeath of Payee

How to close childcare services for death of payee.

Updated3 Month Job Search

Information regarding 3 month job search.

Reporting/Acting on Changes

Updated 03/01/19 Change Reporting Households must report within 10 calendar days of the change occurring when the household’s gross income exceeds the federal income threshold for the household size per the DHS Appendix C-4, Child Care Eligibility/Copayment Chart. The computer issues a notice to the client at certification and renewal informing the client of the […]

Income – Earned Income Examples

Handling of Earned Income


Beginning October 1, 2016, all applicants for the Child Care Subsidy program cannot have resources that exceed $1,000,000. This policy change is in response to changes in federal law. Workers must ask all child care applicants if they have resources that exceed $1,000,000 and document the client’s response in FACS case notes. Resources include but […]

UpdatedCommon-Law Marriage

Common-law marriage – a type of marriage recognized in Oklahoma in which two people agree that they are married, live together, and present themselves as husband and wife without benefit of a legal ceremony.

EKL Screen

Check the EKL screen to view a list of child care authorizations (open, unfinished, and closed) for the case number entered.

EK Screen

Check the EK screen to view details from “Auth. Daycare” tab in FACS To view this screen using the case number: Type EK (space) and the case number Press ‘Enter’ If there is only one authorization for the case, it is displayed. If there are multiple authorizations for the case, the AL screen is displayed. […]

EEHL Screen

Check this screen to view history of the EE (IMS Social Services/FACS Child Care Eligibility tab). For example: certifications, denials, closures, copayment changes To view this screen: Login to IMS Clear the screen Type EEHL (space) and the case number Press ‘Enter’ Field Descriptions E10 Number of children in the family E11 Number of adults […]