Child Care Subsidy: EE Screen

Check the EE screen to see what is currently mapping to IMS from the Child Care tab in the FACS eligibility notebook.

To view this screen:

  1. Login to IMS
  2. Clear the screen
  3. Type EE (space) and the case number
  4. Press ‘Enter’

Field Descriptions

EE screen in IMS

Detail Status
Shows status of the Child Care Section
A= Application
E5 – Effective Date
Effective Date of Last Action taken in Section E
E7 – Last Redetermination Date
Date of the last review for child care only cases. For cases which include SNAP benefits, this field should match the SNAP certification date (IMS block C2) or the mid-certification renewal completion date (IMS block C36), whichever is most recent.
E46 – Child Support Deduction
Child Support paid by the family for a child living outside the home
E47 – Total Diverted Income
This field is typically used when a client begins a new job and has not received representative pay yet. It is also used when the case includes a child who attends an Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership facility. Any income that should not be counted towards the copayment must be entered in this field.
E53 – Current CoPay
Amount of copay (computer calculated based on household size and household income)
E54 – CoPay Effective
Date copayment is effective (computer entered)
E55 – Court Order
Money paid by Absent Parent directly to the child care provider
E56 – Resources > 1 Million
Displays whether household resources are over/under 1 million dollars.
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