Child Care Subsidy: EK Screen

Check the EK screen to view details from “Auth. Daycare” tab in FACS

To view this screen using the case number:

  • Type EK (space) and the case number
  • Press ‘Enter’

If there is only one authorization for the case, it is displayed. If there are multiple authorizations for the case, the AL screen is displayed. To view a specific authorization on the AL screen, enter EK beside the authorization you want to see.

To view this screen using the authorization number:

  • Type EK (space) and the authorization number
  • Press ‘Enter’

Field Descriptions

EK screen in IMS with fields Status of the Authorization, K50 Number of Units, K55 Unit Type, K70 Co-pay, Notice 1 Date, and Begin Date highlighted.

Status of the Authorization
K50 & K67 – Number of Units
Shows the amount of units authorized for the month
K55 & K68 – Unit Type: Shows the child care rate
A=Blended (Full Year)
B=Blended (Traditional)
D=Daily (Geriatric Only)
F=Full Time Daily
P=Part Time Daily
S=Full Time Daily (Severe Special Needs)
T=Weekly (Severe Special Needs)
V=Part Time Daily (Severe Special Needs)
W=Weekly Rate (No Special Needs)
X=Full Time Daily (Moderate Special Needs)
Y=Part Time Daily (Moderate Special Needs)
Z=Weekly Rate (Moderate Special Needs)
K70 – Copay
Client copayment amount
Notice1 Date
Date the notice was sent for this update
Begin Date
Original date authorization began


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