SNAP: Separate Household Examples

Example 1: Parent and Child

Betty Adams applies for SNAP benefits in the county office. She declares that her two sons Philip age 12, and Trevor age 19 are living with her. There are no other individuals that reside in the household. Trevor is currently in the Army National Guard and receives drill pay monthly. He sometimes is out of the residence on drill weekends, but his primary residence is with Betty. Trevor also works part time 20 hours a week at a local Pizza Parlor. Betty maintains that Trevor’s income goes only towards his car payment and should not be counted on the SNAP case.
According to policy, Trevor has to be included as a household member as he is under the age of 22 years of age and he is living with his natural parent, Betty Adams. His income would have to be included. 340:50-5-3(2)

Example 2: Relative and Child

Sally Smith turns in her MCR for SNAP benefits. She declares that her nephew Trevor now age 20 moved into her residence because it is closer to the National Guard training base. Her nephew Philip 13 also moved in with her. Her sister Betty Adams, who is now homeless due to an apartment fire, wrote a letter saying that she wants Philip to live there so that Trevor could keep an eye on him. She also requested that Sally see to it that Philip gets to school each day. Sally wants to add Philip to her SNAP case and she is unsure about whether she has to add Trevor. He is still working at the Pizza Parlor.
According to the policy in this example, Trevor can declare separate residence from his Aunt as he is over the age of 17 years of age. Philip, because he is under the age of 18 and is in his Aunt’s care, he has to be added to her case. 340:50-5-3(3)

Example 3: Expecting Couple

Trevor applies for SNAP benefits in the county office. He states that he is still living in his Aunt Sally’s residence with his brother Philip. The only thing that is different from before is that his girlfriend Brandy age 20 also has moved in. Brandy and Trevor are expecting a child 6 months from now. Brandy and Trevor are both employed at the Pizza Parlor, and Brandy also receives monthly payments from an inheritance. Brandy and Trevor are declaring separate household from each other as Brandy usually goes over to her grandparents to eat her meals with them.
According to the policy in this example, Trevor and Brandy can declare separate household as the child that they have in common has not yet been born. 340:50-5-3(2)

Example 4: Minor Children

Trevor called his worker to report a couple of changes to his case. His son Ethan was born two weeks ago and he wanted to add him to his SNAP case. Brandy is still living in the residence, but she usually takes Ethan with her when she visits her grandparents during meal times. He also reported that his Aunt Sally passed away unexpectedly last week. He now has responsibility of his younger brother because he has not been able to contact his mom. He and Brandy have taken over the monthly rent payment for the house so they have not had to move out.
In this example, according to policy, everyone would need to be included in the SNAP case. Brandy and Trevor both would be connected to the SNAP case because they can’t be separate from Ethan. Trevor is now responsible for his minor brother Philip so they cannot be separate household members.

Example 5: Child as Separate Household

Cynthia applies for SNAP benefits for herself. She does have an 11 year old son that visits her on weekends, but he resides at his grandparents. The grandparents do not have a SNAP case. The child receives SSI and the grandparents are the payee for this income.
In this example, the child can be left off of Cynthia’s SNAP case as his residence is with the grandparents.

Example 6: Food Purchase and Preparation

Betty came into the office and applied for services. She reported that her, her husband Tom, and their daughter Beth, age 8; stay with family. She declared her family purchases and prepares their meals separate from her brother and his family.
In this example, Betty, Tom, and Beth can receive benefits on a case together separate from her family.

Example 7: Food Purchase and Preparation

William and Mary applied for SNAP. They report that they live with Mary’s sister Jennifer. Jennifer also has twin 2 year old sons. William reported that they all purchase and prepare their meals together.
Since William and Mary reported purchasing and preparing their meal together the household cannot be separate. The household will consist of William, Mary, Jennifer and Jennifer’s two sons.

Example 8: Adult Children

Marie, age 45 lives in an apartment with her 21 year old daughter Sally. Sally’s three year old daughter Sue and Sally’s 15 year old brother James also lives in the apartment. Sally is applying for SNAP benefits. She states that she and Sue purchases and prepares their meals separate from her brother and her mom.
Regardless of purchasing and preparing their meals separate, Sally is under 22 therefore she cannot be separate from her mother. Household consists of Sally, Sue, Marie, and James.

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