UpdatedLIHEAP / ECAP Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q/A regarding LIHEAP / ECAP Program

Household Size

Ensuring that the correct people are included in the child care household is very important.  When we fail to appropriately code individuals who must be included in the child care household, the family share copayment will be locked in at the incorrect level and this could result in an overpayment to the family as well […]

How to Certify SLMB

The coding to certify a case in FACS for SLMB

Individual SNAP Household Eligibility

Document to host the Individual SNAP Household Eligibility

ABAWD Changes

Changes to ABAWD Status during certification period

PS2 Instructions – Section F (Household)

This is a list with descriptions of each Section F field in IMS.

Household Composition

Income & Need Factor

Separate Household

Separate household – a SNAP term indicating that one or more persons living in the same home purchases food and prepares meals separate and apart from the other household members. Policy regarding this term is located at: SNAP: 340:50-3-1. The application process; 340:50-5-1. Food benefit household composition; 340:50-5-3. Persons who cannot be separate food benefit […]