ACES: UpdatedResolving an Unemployment Compensation (UIB) Discrepancy

This discrepancy is considered verified upon receipt. This means that when this edit is received, the worker must check the OWL/UIB screen to see if the client is currently receiving unemployment benefits. If the client is currently receiving UIB, the worker must take action to add the gross amount of UIB to the SNAP benefits for the next effective month. This is completed by taking the weekly benefit amount (Gross benefit) and using the weekly pay calculation (4.3) to determine the monthly amount. Please note any withholdings of the check and if child support is paid, please be sure to add this as expense on the expense tab.

If the client is no longer receiving UIB, the worker must remove the UIB from the SNAP benefits. Case notes must explain what action was taken to clear this discrepancy.

Refer to the following article for instructions on clearing G1DX edits (DXD Transaction): ACES: How to Clear G1DX Edits

Use ‘UIB’ for the Data Type and Error Type for Unemployment Compensation (UIB) discrepancy.

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