AFS Help Desk (Remedy): How to Request a Case Load Change

When there is a need to change the Worker, Supervisor, or County information on a large number of cases in IMS, there is a process that allows state office to update these and bypass the edit process that a county worker may have to work with.

There are 2 types of requests:

  1. In County Caseload Adjustment:  Changes to worker numbers within a county office.
  2. Out of County Caseload Adjustment:  Movement of cases from one county office to another.

Please submit all Case Load Change requests on Remedy Web (Link opens in new window). All requests need to be submitted in the following format. Identify the correct caseload change request in Remedy by selecting the appropriate Problem.

An Out of County Caseload Adjustment must be submitted in a separate list from an In-County Caseload Adjustment.
All requests need to be submitted in the following format:
Requests must be saved in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with 2 columns and document attached to remedy ticket.

  • Use only UPPER case letters
  • First column contains the Case Number (D111222)
  • Second column contains the County #, Supervisor, Worker, County # with no spaces (12A340112A)

The following is an example of a Case Load Change Request.

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