AFS Help Desk (Remedy): How to Create a Remedy Ticket

The following are instructions for creating a Remedy Ticket.

  • Log onto Remedy
    Refer to “How to Log onto Remedy” for additional instructions.
  • Select “FSSD HelpDesk” from the menu list.
    remedy 5
  • Click “Create Ticket”

    1. User ID+ automatically populates
    2. Select Problem Area from the Drop Box
    3. Click Problem Tab to Return to Original Screen
    4. Select Problem from the Drop Box
    5. Enter Case Number in the Case # field
    6. Provide a detailed description of the problem
    7. Add U numbers of any other users who should be informed of the status of the case in the “Notify User ID” block
    8. Review and confirm entered information and click “SAVE”

    Remedy 7A

Note: Supervisors will automatically be notified upon submission. There is no need to enter their U number.

Notifications: You will have a pop-up box and an email notifying you and your supervisor that a remedy ticket has been submitted.

Please allow a couple of days for the Helpdesk to respond. They will send an email detailing what needs to be done to fix the problem or if they were able to clear the edits.

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