Wrong Denial Code

Instructions on submitting Remedy Ticket for Wrong Denial Code

How to Request a Case Load Change

To detail how to submit Case Load Changes to state office to complete.

AFS Help Desk (Remedy) – Overview

To detail what the AFS Help Desk (Remedy) is and how to properly utilize it.

How to Respond to Remedy Tickets

When more information is requested by the Help Desk staff member, an email is generated to the worker who created the ticket explaining what is needed. In that email there is a hyperlink to the actual ticket. When you are ready to enter the needed information, click the link to open the ticket. ** It […]

How to Create a Remedy Ticket

The following are instructions for creating a Remedy Ticket. Log onto Remedy Refer to “How to Log onto Remedy” for additional instructions. Select “FSSD HelpDesk” from the menu list. Click “Create Ticket” User ID+ automatically populates Select Problem Area from the Drop Box Click Problem Tab to Return to Original Screen Select Problem from the […]