IMS: How to Read SDX Screens

The SDX screen reports data-exchange information sent to our system from the Social Security Administration regarding persons receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and their benefit amount. Certain factors can cause the interpretation of these screens to be tricky (like recoupments – over or underpayments, or both.) It is important to use this screen in conjunction with the SDL screen (SDL screen shows a history of payment amounts and payment status) to ensure the correct amount of SSI is considered.

Example: On this SDX screen notice block 006 (gross amount for the next month) is not the same as block 007 (net amount for the current month).

This is an indicator that there may be a recoupment. Notice the “O” (overpayment indicator) in block 015. The ‘O’ indicates that there is an overpayment (other possible codes are ‘U’ for underpayment and ‘B’ for both overpayment and underpayments).
In order to correctly anticipate the amount that will be received in July, you will need to refer to the SDL screen.
Notice that the NET amount reported in the current SDX screen ($659.70) has been the amount received by this individual for several months (since 2/15). Next tab down to the previous month (in this example payment date 05/15) and type ‘SDX’ and press ‘enter’ to pull up the SDX screen from that month to compare with the current screen.
Here is the previous months SDX screen. Notice that is also shows a different GROSS and NET amount. From this you can see that, although the GROSS amount reported in the previous SDX for June was $733, the NET received was $659.70. This is a good indicator that the client will not actually receive the GROSS amount for July as indicated by the first SDX. Please note that SSI recoupments (like in this case) will usually be 10% of the gross SSI amount.

To code your case enter the GROSS amount of the SSI in the SSI Countable Amount field (F88), enter the amount of the recoupment in the Recoupment Amount field (F108), and the indicator in the Recoupment Indicator field (F109) on the Income tab in FACS. It’s important to code this correctly to prevent data exchange edits (G1DX).

For additional information and details about the SDX screen, on the IMS command line (beside the word “NEXT” on any IMS session screen) and type the letter ‘M’ (space) SDX and press enter.

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