Child Care Subsidy: How to Certify a Child Care Application (Non-Unfinished Issuance)

The following article outlines the process for certifying a Child Care Application that doesn’t require Unfinished Issuance.

All necessary tabs for Child Care, (Interview Notebook: Household Tab, Income Tab, Deprivation Tab, & Child Care Tab) should be completed in FACS, and eligibility determined prior to certifying. If applicable, be sure to check for cooperation with Child Support.

When a household has been determined to be eligible for child care subsidy, the worker certifies the child care request in FACS in both the Child Care Tab and Auth Daycare Tab in Eligibility Notebook.

On the Child Care Tab in Eligibility Notebook:

  • Application Source: Select Appropriate Response
  • Action Taken: OPENED (1)
  • Request Date: Enter date child care was requested (should have been entered when section was placed in application status).
  • Certification Date: Enter date the interview is completed and all verification is provided.
  • Date of Last Review: The first day of the certification month.
  • Effective Months: 99

Auth. Daycare screen with pertinent fields highlighted

On the Auth Daycare Tab in the Eligibility Notebook:

  • Person Name: Select the child for whom care is required. Add additional authorizations for the child by selecting any field and pressing the “Insert” key.
  • Contract Number: Enter the 5 digit numerical contract number for the provider being used. Tab after entry and Type of Care and Action Taken will autofill.
  • Type of Care: Should autofill with contract number entered.
  • Action Taken: OPEN (Should autofill with contract number entered).
  • Reason: Select appropriate reason based on the need factor.
  • Child Care Req Date: Enter date child care was requested.
  • Begin/Change Date: Enter date child care is to begin once interview has been completed and all necessary verification has been provided.
  • Unit Type = Choose appropriate unit type from C-4-C, Unit Type Chart for Child Care Authorizations.
  • Co-pay Exempt = Only necessary if there are two providers. Refer to article Child Care Subsidy: Copay; To Exempt or not to Exempt.
  • Notice Indicator: APPLICATION APPROVAL

If there is an unfinished issuance, see related article Unfinished Issuance Examples & Coding.

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