Child Care Subsidy: How to Close Child Care Case / Authorizations

The following are examples of how to close child care. When child care is closing for all children in care; it must be closed in the Child Care Tab (Section E). Do not make any changes to the Auth Daycare Tab for this type of closure. When closing child care for an individual child when other children still need care, use the Auth Daycare Tab to close the individual authorization. See below for steps to take for both closure types.

Refer to article Child Care Subsidy: Closure of Child Care Benefits for examples on both reasons for child care closure, and also on which date to take the child care close action.

Note: If the household also receives SNAP; be sure to link the EBT card prior to closing the child care case.

Child Care Tab

If the child care case as a whole is being closed, you would take your action on the Child Care Tab.

On the Child Care Tab in Eligibility Notebook in FACS:

  • Action Taken – CLOSED(6)
  • Reason For Denial or Closure – CHOOSE APPROPRIATE REASON
  • Effective Date – the actual date the authorizations must close (does not have to be the first of the month.

child care tab in Eligibility notebook
** Child Care should be closed using the E section of the case unless an open E section is required for SSI-DCP services**

**When you close, you will receive a white box called “case check” (see below).  Do not fret, just select “Continue save”

a white box called “case check”

There may be times in which you would only need to close certain authorizations, while keeping the child care case open for other household members that need child care benefits.

Auth. Daycare Tab

On the Auth. Daycare Tab in Eligibility Notebook, select the authorization being closed update the following:

  • Action Taken: CLOSE
  • Reason: Enter reason authorization is being closed
  • End Date: Must be current or a future date. If the last day care is received at this facility is a current or future date, enter this date. Otherwise enter today’s date.
  • SAVE the CASE.

Auth. Daycare Tab in Eligibility Notebook

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