Child Care Subsidy: How to Deny a Child Care Application

When a household has been determined ineligible for child care subsidy, the worker denies the child care request in FACS on both the Child Care Tab and Auth Daycare Tab in Eligibility Notebook. This ensures that a notice is sent to the client notifying them of the denial of their child care application.

The following are instructions on how to deny a child care application in FACS.

On the Child Care tab in Eligibility Notebook:

Child Care tab in Eligibility Notebook

  • Application Source (field E12): Select appropriate choice
  • Action Taken (field E3): DENIED (2)
  • Reason for Denial or Closure (field E4): LEAVE BLANK
  • Request Date (field E1): Date of Child Care Application
  • Effective Months (field E6): LEAVE BLANK
  • Number of Children Receiving Child Care (E52): LEAVE BLANK

On the Auth. Daycare Tab in Eligibility Notebook:

Auth. Daycare tab in Eligibility Notebook, Adult Day Srvs is highlighted

  • Select “Person Number” (field K4) of child. You will need to repeat this process for each child for whom child care was requested.**This is not necessary for any children in the household that were not intended to enter child care. **
  • Action Taken (field K12): DENIAL
  • Reason (field K16): Select Appropriate Reason
  • Child Care Req Date (field K9): Enter Application Date
  • Begin / Change Date field 45;
  • Begin / Change Date field 45;
  • Click in and out of Adult Day Srvs Indicator (field K95)

If the contract number is known, it can be entered into the “Contract Number” field K40 so that a computer generated notice issues to both the applicant and the child care provider. When the contract number is unknown, a notice is generated to the applicant only.

Once the Case is Saved, a pop-up box will appear.

Popup box to save case

  • Click Continue Save Box and SAVE the case.

Refer to policy 340:40-3-1 (c)(2) regarding Child Care Subsidy denials.

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