QUIZ on Closures

Closure of Child Care Benefits

Per Policy 340:40-9-2(f) When the client is no longer eligible for child care, the closure date varies depending on the circumstances. Same day action is taken or future date requested by the client When a client requests the closure of his or her child care benefit and is no longer using child care, the worker […]

How to Close Child Care Case / Authorizations

The following are examples of how to close child care. When child care is closing for all children in care; it must be closed in the Child Care Tab (Section E). Do not make any changes to the Auth Daycare Tab for this type of closure. When closing child care for an individual child when […]

Coding Protective/Preventive Child Care

County Staff may approve child care through the presumptive eligibility process for up to 30 calendar days. On the Child Care Tab in Eligibility Notebook: Application Source – Select appropriate choice Action Taken – Open Request Date – Date client contacts Agency and requests services Certification Date – Date eligibility for child care was determined […]