National Voter Registration Act (NVRA): Voter Registration – Forms

  1. Voter Registration Statement

    The Voter Registration Statement (08MP007E) now available on the InfoNet under both “Multiple Programs” and “SNAP”.  This form is used to inform clients of their Voter Registration rights and to document the client’s response when making a voter registration offer. The client needs to be aware that applying to register or declining to register to vote will not affect the amount of assistance they will receive and their decision will remain confidential. If they decide to register DHS staff will give or mail them a voter registration application. DHS staff will help them fill out the application if asked, or provide an interpreter if needed. Persons who are offered an opportunity to register to vote should not feel pressured to register, or to register with a particular political party. AFS staff must not make any statements or take any actions that lead the client to believe that a decision to register or not to register to vote has any bearing on the availability of services or benefits. The Voter Registration Statement also informs the client that they can file a complaint with the Oklahoma State Election Board and provides their contact information. The back of the form is used to document the client’s response and signature.

    The form has been updated to include the date, case name, case number, County number, and supervisor and worker number. This information is necessary in order for the form to be easily imaged into the correct client’s case.

    The paper Voter Registration Statement is used primarily as a backup when FACS is not available. This may occur when FACS is down, the offer is made at a home visit, or someone without FACS access makes the offer.  This form is to be completed in the office, not to be given to the client to take home to complete.

    When a paper Voter Registration Statement is completed, it is to be imaged into the case record under form type voter registration statement. The AFS worker must record the offer and the response by checking the correct boxes in FACS; we will talk about how to do this later in the video. The Voter Registration Statement should then be sent to files. This should be processed like any other case document or verification.

  2. Voter Registration Application

    Another document used in the voter registration process is the Voter Registration Application which belongs to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

    When the client chooses to complete the Voter Registration Application in the office, the worker reviews it for completeness and points out any missing information. DHS is required to offer the same amount of assistance in completing this application as we do in completing DHS forms. Assistance may include reading the instructions and application questions to the client, helping him or her answer the questions, or completing the form for the client.  AFS staff informs the client the application will be mailed to the Oklahoma State Election Board. When the client elects to take the Voter Registration Application home to complete, AFS staff has no responsibility to track completion.

    Another form of assistance we provide is mailing the Voter Registration Application to the Oklahoma State Election Board. If a client gives you a completed or partially completed Voter Registration Application it is the county’s responsibility to make sure the application is date and location stamped and given to the local voter registration site coordinator the same day.

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