Child Care Subsidy: How to Retro-Certify Child Care Authorization

A Retro-Certification of Child Care benefits creates an authorization for child care where all of the eligibility occurred in the past.

You would use this process when a recipient is determined eligible for child care after they have stopped using child care.

Update all necessary tabs (Income, Resource, Household, Social Service etc.)

On the Household Tab in Interview Notebook:

CC-Retro 1

  • Benefit Type = Social Services
  • Status = Select Appropriate status
  • Effective Date – Date for which child care is being re-opened

On the Child Care Tab in Eligibility Notebook:

CC-Retro 2

  • Action Taken = ‘Opened’ (if the Social Service status is currently closed) or ‘Changed’ (if the Social Service status is currently open)
  • Effective Date = Update to the first day of month for which child care is being authorized. (This may be a date prior to the current date)
  • Number of Children in Care = Number of Children added to social services benefit.

On the Auth Child Care Tab in Eligibility Notebook:

CC-Retro 3

  • Scroll down to the correct household member
  • Do not put one auth on top of another! FACS will continue to display closed authorizations for 30 days. If you need to enter a new authorization, click “insert” on your keyboard to obtain a “blank” auth screen.
  • Update the Auth Day Care Screen with the Child Care information for that household member for the first month of authorization.
  • Enter amount of Client Co-Payment:
  • Be sure to enter the ‘end date’. You will not be able to close the authorization retro-actively if the end date is not entered.

SAVE the case.

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