Child Care Subsidy: Incorrect Begin Date

Incorrect Begin Date procedures are used when there is a need for any child care to be covered on a day or days prior to the begin date on the incorrect authorization. This can occur when the incorrect begin date is submitted with a new child care certification or during a change of child care provider action.

Don’t close the current active child care authorization!

Use the following steps to add an additional authorization to cover the gap period of time.

  1. Select the Child Care Tab in the FACS Eligibility NotebookFACS Eligibility Notebook - Child Care tab is highlighted
  2. Action Taken: Change of Information Only (C)FACS Eligibility Notebook - Child Care tab "Action Take: Change of Information" is highlighted
  3. Effective Date: Enter the appropriate effective dateFACS Eligibility Notebook - Child Care tab, "Effective Date: 09/01/2014" is highlighted
    In this example, all verification was received on 08/19/14. Initially the client requested that child care begin on 08/22/14. Later the client called and verified that her first day of work was 08/20/14. Coverage is needed for the days of 08/20/14 and 08/21/14.To correct this, you must create a new authorization to cover the additional days.FACS Eligibility Notebook - Auth. Daycare tab, "Begin/Change Date: 08/22/2014" is highlighted
  4. Select the Auth. Daycare Tab in the Eligibility NotebookFACS Eligibility Notebook - Auth. Daycare tab is highlighted
  5. Next, select the appropriate child in the Person Name field. Once you have chosen the correct person, place the cursor in any of the blocks after the person name and hit the insert button on the keyboard to add another authorization.On the new authorization enter:
    • contract number;
    • reason that the authorization is being opened
    • child care request date
    • correct begin / change date (in this example 08/20/14)
    • appropriate end date (in this example 08/21/14)
    • unit type (in this example full-time daily)
    • exact number of child care days needed (in this example 2 days)
    • appropriate notice indicator which is “Application approval”

    The computer will automatically update the copayment effective date to match the begin/change date.

  6. Once you have completed the prior authorization, send case to the Supervisor.
  7. Once the case change has been sent through to the IMS system, check the EKL screen to determine if the prior authorization was processed.EKL Screen

Additional Tips:

The end date on the prior authorization should be the day before the begin date of the current authorization. In this example, the current authorization begin date is 08/22/14. The end date of the prior authorization should be 08/21/14. This prevents the authorizations from overlapping each other and creating edits.*

An error will also occur if the prior authorization begins and ends on the same day. If the client only needs child care for one day prior (in this example 08-21-14 only), you would use a begin date which is one day earlier (in this example 08-20-14) and only authorize 1 full time day.

*Occasionally the beginning and ending dates on the prior authorization must be the same. For example, if all verification was provided on 08-19-14, and the authorization was incorrectly started on 08-20-14, the prior authorization’s begin and end date would have to be 08-19-14. This authorization will have an error when it goes onto the IMS system. Contact the AFS Help Desk to override the error.

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