Child Care Subsidy: Provider Change

The following are instructions on how to process a child care facility change.

In this example, Tammy Jones called her worker today to change her child care provider from contract number 26484 to new provider contract number 23520 effective tomorrow.

  1. Click on the Child Care Tab in Eligiblity Notebook (An Alert! box will appear to notify you to document the client’s schedule in case notes. Document if there are any changes to the client’s schedule).
  2. In Action Taken, select “CHANGE OF INFORMATION ONLY” Resend the “change” action if it is already in the block.
  3. In Effective Date, enter the “NEXT EFFECTIVE DATE”. This is usually the first day of the next month. Resend the effective date if it is the correct date and already in the block.

  1. Go to the AUTH. DAYCARE TAB in the Eligibility Notebook
  2. Select the Correct person and UPDATE THE FOLLOWING BLOCKS for the provider authorization which is being closed.
  3. Action Taken – Closed
  4. Reason – 4) Change of Providers
  5. End Date* – This is the current or a future date
  6. Notice Indicator – Advance Notice Not Required

*Closure Actions Taken after the 27th of the month must have an end date of the 1st day of the next month.

  1. Hit “INSERT” on your keyboard to obtain a new blank authorization screen for the new provider.
  2. UPDATE ONLY THE FOLLOWING BLOCKS for the new authorization:
  3. Contract Number – Enter the new provider’s contract number
  4. Action Taken – Open
  5. Reason – Enter the appropriate code
  6. Child Care Request Date – Leave Blank. It will automatically fill from the closed authorization.
  7. Begin/Change Date – Enter date child care begins at the facility.
  8. Review Date – Computer will auto update. (Can use auto update, next review date, or whatever date Is most helpful for a tickler.)
  9. Unit Type – Enter the Appropriate Code
  10. Number of Units – Enter the Appropriate Selection
  11. Notice Indicator – Change of Provider
  1. Click “ACTIONS” on the FACS toolbar, go to Case Check and choose “Check Tab.” The Case Check Dialogue Box will appear with possible errors regarding your authorization
    • If the Case Check Dialog Box lists any problems, click “Cancel” and go back to the Auth. Daycare Tab, fix the problem, and then repeat step of Clicking “ACTIONS” on the FACS toolbar, go to Case Check and choose “Check Tab”.
    • If the Case Check Dialogue Box lists no problems, click “Cancel” and SAVE the case.

  2. SEND the Case to the Supervisor

Additional Guidelines:</strong

  • make the effective date the same day that the client changed child care providers, no matter when it was reported;
  • if there are no other changes to the plan of service, it is not considered a negative action;
  • the change needs to be completed within two working days from the date it is reported;
  • the worker only authorizes care on that provider through original closure date;
  • if there are no other changes to make besides child care provider change, no changes to Interview Notebook will be necessary.
  • • if the provider change results in the case having more than one child care provider, make sure to code which child care provider is (N) non-exempt for copayment and which one(s) are (S) co-pay exempt. Refer to article Copay; To Exempt, or not to Exempt
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