National Voter Registration Act (NVRA): Mailing Voter Registration Applications

The following are FAQS on mailing Voter Registration Applications:

1. If during a telephone interview the client requests a Voter Registration Application for several people, can I ask the system to send out more than one?
No. Only one will be mailed to the address on file. You will need to mail the additional Voter Registration Applications to the client.
2. If a client calls requesting a Voter Registration Application, may we use FACS to mail it even though this is not a qualifying event?
No, you should only use FACS to record a voter registration offer for a qualifying event. If this is not a qualifying event, send the Voter Registration Application to the client through regular mail. You may also give the client options to come in to pick up an application or refer the client to the Election Board Website.
3. Occasionally, we have homeless clients that use the county office address. Should we mark yes and have the Voter Application mailed to the county office?
If the client is in the office, give the client Form 08MP007E, Voter Registration Statement to complete. If the client does not accept the statement or refuses to complete it, explain that DHS is required to make the offer and if the client does not check No and sign Form 08MP007E, Voter Registration Statement, you are required to mail the client a Voter Registration Application.

If the client is NOT in the office, then you would mark yes to allow the form to be mailed.

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