National Voter Registration Act (NVRA): Site Coordinator Responsibilities

The following are FAQs regarding  Site Coordinator responsibilities with National Voter Registration Act:

  1. Is DHS responsible for mailing the voter registration applications completed in the office to the State Election Board?

Yes, staff is responsible for giving the local voter registration site coordinator all completed or partially completed voter registration applications on a daily basis. The local site coordinator is responsible for mailing voter registration applications to the State Election Board once per week.

  1. Does DHS mail Voter Registration Applications to clients on a daily basis?

Yes, DHS sends Voter Registration Applications to clients every day. We will continue to monitor the mailings and adjust the frequency if needed.

  1. What type of reports must the voter registration site coordinator complete monthly?

The system will generate reports from the data entered into OKDHSLive! and FACS regarding voter registration offers and responses. The site coordinator needs to keep a monthly tally of the number of Voter Registration Applications he or she mails to the State Election Board and send the information to the regional secretary.

  1. I keep a log of all Voter Registration Applications I mail to the State Election Board. Is it okay to scan the Voter Registration Applications into the client’s case record when it is near an election in case someone is not allowed to vote after registering in our office?

NO, you should never scan a Voter Registration Applications into a client’s case record. This is confidential information that belongs to the State Election Board, not DHS. Be sure to location and date stamp the Voter Registration Applications before mailing it to the State Election Board.

  1. Does the State Election Board use the date we stamp on a completed Voter Registration Applications as the registration date when the client completes it near an election date?

It might come into play if DHS held onto the Voter Registration Applications longer than we should have. It is very important that staff give the local voter registration site coordinator the Voter Registration Applications the same day they are completed. The site coordinator should mail completed applications more often than weekly near an election.

  1. What should we do with the stored paper Voter Registration Statements we have?

If they are more than 2 years old, send them straight to security destruction. If they are from after October 31, 2012, send them to the DHS Records Center. You will need to label them with the records storage label 23RM001E and complete a separate supply pickup request 23AM095E for records storage. Supply will pick them up on your next regular delivery date.

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