National Voter Registration Act (NVRA): Support Staff Responsibilities

The following are FAQs regarding the role of support staff with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

  1. What are the Support Staff voter registration responsibilities as the first point of contact for DHS?

When a client comes to the office regarding a qualifying event and does not want to see a worker, support staff is responsible for making the voter registration offer. This may occur when the client leaves Form 08MP001E, Request for Benefits, a renewal form, a LIHEAP application or reports an address change.

  • If using FACS, the support staff may make the offer and log the response in FACS. If the client does not want to register to vote, the No must be in writing or the support staff must give the client a Voter Registration Application.
  • If the support staff does not have FACS access, he or she asks the client to read and sign Form 08MP007E, Voter Registration Statement or Form 08MP003E, Responsibilities & Signature for Benefits. When a client wants to register to vote, the receptionist hands the client a Voter Registration Application and asks the client if they need assistance in completing the application. When the client completes a Voter Registration Statement, reception staff scans the statement so the case worker can record the offer the next time he or she opens the case.
  1. What does “in writing” mean?

In writing means the client checks No and signs:

  • Form 08MP003E, Responsibilities & Signature for Benefits;
  • Form 08LH002E, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Walk-In Application; or
  • Form 08MP007E, Voter Registration Statement
  1. If support staff updates the offer in FACS, will the Voter Registration Request screen pop up when the worker opens the case to complete the application or renewal?

Yes, the Voter Registration Request screen pops up each time staff opens a case in FACS. When the voter registration offer was already made for this qualifying event, the worker chooses “Application, renewal, or address change but voter registration action already recorded for this action.”

  1. If support staff is using FACS for case worker assignment, what should they do when a Voter Registration Request screen appears?

For tasks that aren’t a qualifying event, staff would select “Other” in the first pop-up box.

  1. Support staff often read case notes in FACS in order to help the client. Will the pop-up screen show every time they pull up case notes?

No. The Voter Registration Request screen does not pop-up when staff open FACS Case Notes.

  1. If a client returns a blank or incomplete voter registration statement, what should reception staff do?

The instances of this happening should be rare as the only time Form 08MP007E, Voter Registration Statement, should be given to a client to complete and return is when the worker sends a benefit renewal in the mail. Otherwise, staff should be present when a client completes a Voter Registration Statement. If this happens, support staff should ask the client to finish completing the form.

  1. When a client drops off an application or renewal at the front desk, should support staff offer voter registration or can the offer wait?

If the client is not staying to see a worker, support staff is responsible for offering voter registration services since this is a qualifying event.

  1. What should staff do if a Voter Registration Application comes back to the county office as returned mail?

Follow returned mail procedures. If a new address is on file, forward the voter registration application to the new address.

  1. Should staff offer voter registration services when a client requests an EBT replacement card?

No. A replacement EBT card is not a qualifying event.  

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