TANF: How to Develop Community Partnerships

The following are some key points in developing community partnerships.

Look for opportunities that will benefit TANF participants and the community. Partnerships come from nonprofit organizations.

Participant’s needs should be determined.

Research the area to see what organizations match client’s needs.

Determine person to contact. Make an appointment to speak with this contact to explain how the program can help their company.

Organization should be given a copy of the TANF work flyer. (The Future is Yours).

This flyer is used to explain about the TANF Program. Many organizations take advantage of this program which can help them and gives the TANF participant the opportunity to gain work experience and a reference.

If the organization agrees to participate with the Community Partnership Program the form 08TW019E is completed and sent to State Office for approval. Once approved the form 08TW020E is completed with the client and the TW2 is updated to reflect the new TANF work activity.

A list can be found of other Community Partnerships that has already been approved by going through the following steps:

  • Double click on the “My Computer” icon on your computer desktop.
  • Type \\s90x03\public in the address line and hit enter.
  • Double click on the FSSD Training Packets folder, then the TANF Reports & Tools folder.

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