Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Pregnancy and Disability-Related Medical

Services for women with disabilities who become pregnant are covered by disability medical. Some medical providers insist that women who are pregnant must get off disability-related benefits and get on pregnancy-related medical. Pregnancy services are temporary and always end two months after the baby is born. Disability-related benefits don’t end unless the client’s disability status ends, so it’s better for the client to stay in this program.

OHCA once had a program that gave pregnant adults a dental benefit for the duration of the pregnancy. During the budget cuts, the program was terminated to save money. It has not been restored so there is no longer any difference in the coverage provided by the two programs.

The Oklahoma State Medicaid Plan does not allow for someone to be on buy-in through DHS and medical benefits through OHCA at the same time. That means if a woman is on SLMB and wants to apply for pregnancy-related medical through OHCA, her SLMB case will have to be closed. She can reapply for buy-in after OHCA closes the pregnancy-related SoonerCare coverage.

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