IRS 1095-B Tax Form

Medicaid Qualifying Coverage Verification

Medicaid Income Pension Trust (MIPT) FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Medicaid Income Pension Trusts

Pregnancy and Disability-Related Medical

Process regarding Disability-Related Medical and Pregnancy

Converting SoonerCare Medical from FACS to an Online Enrollment Case

The medical eligibility (aka SoonerCare) is now determined through the Oklahoma Health Care Authority’s (OHCA) Online Enrollment system.

How to Code Third Party Liability (TPL)

Information regarding Third Party Liability (TPL) needs to be coded on the TPL tab in FACS so that the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) can make sure the private insurance covers their part before OHCA pays anything on a bill. Make a copy of the insurance card so the information from that card can be […]

TEFRA Packet

Link to TEFRA Packet PDF

What is Insure Oklahoma?

Insure Oklahoma is an innovative program Oklahoma has created to bridge the gap in health care coverage for low-income working adults. Under the Employer-Sponsored Insurance (ESI) program, premium costs are shared by the state (60%), the employer (25%) and the employee (15%). The Individual Plan (IP) allows people who can’t access the benefits through their […]

HIPAA – Useful Links

There are many other sources of information you can access concerning HIPAA. Some resources that might be applicable include: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Health Information Privacy Oklahoma Health Care Authority HIPAA Privacy Notice

Incontinence Supplies Through SoonerCare

Effective July 1, 2015, SoonerCare began covering certain incontinence supplies (diapers, pull-ons, wipes, underpads and liners) for children ages 4-20. The only approved source for these supplies is People First Industries (PFI). Please refer to the following FAQS from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority regarding Incontinence Supplies. What kind of incontinence supplies may my child […]

Online Enrollment (OE)

Online Enrollment (OE) – A web-based system developed by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to determine Medicaid eligibility for certain individuals. Detailed systems information is available under Quest: OHCA Online Enrollment. Policy regarding this term is located at: Public Assistance Procedures (all programs): 340:65-3-1. Determination of eligibility; 340:65-3-6. Cash assistance payment procedures; 340:65-3-8. Continuing eligibility […]