Medicaid Programs and QI-1

Medicaid Benefits and QI-1 Explanation

Income – Unearned Income Checklist

Key Points in Reviewing Unearned Income

Pregnancy and Disability-Related Medical

Process regarding Disability-Related Medical and Pregnancy

BIL: Buy-In History Inquiry

How to read the BIL screen to know what is happening with a buy-in benefit.

How to Certify QI-1

QI-1 can be certified effective three months prior to the month of application, if all factors of eligibility were met all three months. For additional information regarding factors of eligibility for QI-1, refer to article ABD: Qualified Individuals – Group 1 (QI-1). If all factors of eligibility were NOT met prior to month of application, […]

Qualifying Individual (QI-1)

Qualifying Individual (QI-1) – means certain aged, blind or disabled individuals who are enrolled in Medicare Part A, meet the Medicaid Qualifying Individual income and resource standards and meet all other Medicaid eligibility requirements. When approved for QI-1, Medicaid pays for the Medicare Part B premium. A QI recipient cannot be receiving or eligible for […]

UpdatedExpenses: Medical

To instruct how and when to use medical expenses to offset income for SNAP cases.