Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Process for Closing Medical (Death)

When a client dies, the ABD-related benefits are closed for date of death rather than the next rollover date.

If the client is on the State Supplemental Payment (SSP), the Finance tab is closed and FACS will take the same action in the Medical tab without having to touch the Medical-General tab.

If the client is on Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Plus (QMBP), Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (SLMB) or Qualifying Individuals (QI-1), the Medical-General tab is closed effective the date of death.

Example: Ellen Herndon was receiving QMBP. She died on 01/12/2019, but it was not reported to the worker until 03/16/2019. The case is still closed for date of death.

  • CLOSED (6)
  • Effective Date: ENTER DATE OF DEATH

There may be times in which there are two individuals on the medical case and the payee will need to be changed. The following steps outline this process:

  • Change relationship to former payee (individual that passed away).
  • Remove person from medical and QMBP lines – reason death – date of death
  • Change relationship field from spouse to applicant payee
  • Change marital status to widow
  • Eligibility notebook medical – change
  • Save changes and push case
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