Long Term Care (LTC): PACE Procedures – Certifying PACE with Vending Medical

The following outlines procedures to use when certifying PACE with vending medical.

  1. OHCA will notify worker of medical approval.
  2. PACE will provide written notification of enrollment for case file.
  3. In IMS, type MDL and then MDI next to line to verify current authorization date. If there is no MDL line, contact Oklahoma Health Care Authority Avis Hill, Nicole Collins, or Amanda Bell-Willett.
  4. If there is open ADvantage or SPPC on the case, email the area nurse listed in Harmony for closure effective on the last day of the month prior to the enrollment date. Do NOT take further action until ADvantage line is closed.
  5. Close the “D” & “B” (if vending) sections using “client’s request”.
  6. Refresh the case.
  7. Client will be M/A on household tab. Be mindful to add client back to all benefits they were eligible for prior to closure.
  8. Change the categorical relationship on the Medical General tab to the appropriate PACE coding:
    1. PMA: PACE Medicare Aged
    2. PMB: PACE Medicare Blind
    3. PMD: PACE Medicare Disabled
    4. PNA: PACE Non-Medicare Aged
    5. PNB: PACE Non-Medicare Blind
    6. PND: PACE Non-Medicare Disabled
  1. CERTIFY the case effective the enrollment date using the date from the AG2 as a new application date. Use reason code (17) attained technical eligibility.
  2. On Medical Financial tab, resend Medical Application reason (ADvantage Waiver), Medical Application Source (County Office) & Spend-down Computation Period (01).
  3. Save case. Check GD (GB if there is SPP) for accuracy. Make changes if needed.
  4. Save case and clear on worker authority. Check ED screen for accuracy.
  5. Check NL. Have the medical cert notice as well as any SNAP change notices deleted by Lisa to avoid confusion with client. Request in Remedy ticket.
  6. Send a Remedy ticket. Problem Area: Long Term Medicaid. Problem: PACE. In the body of the ticket “PACE certification: push to iCE effective (enrollment date)”.
  7. Email Lisa Gallaway that the ticket has been submitted.
  8. Worker will be notified when the ticket is completed.
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