NewHow to Process Adult Day Care

Step by Step instructions and flow chart

Submitting ADvantage/Personal Care Application on Client’s Behalf

Article to house link to Video Training regarding Harmony and ADvantage and Personal Care Applications

Harmony FAQs

Article to house the link to the Harmony Frequently Asked Questions

PACE Procedures – Disenrolling from PACE

Procedures related to Disenrolling from PACE

PACE Procedures – Certifying PACE with Vending Medical

Procedure for Certifying PACE with Vending Medical

PACE Procedures – Intake

Procedures regarding Intake and the PACE program.

How to Locate Application Document

How to Access Documents in Harmony

How to Search for a Member Record

How to Search for a Member Record by IMS Case Number

How to Access Harmony from the InfoNet

Directions for Accessing Harmony from the InfoNet

UpdatedHarmony Procedures – Case Number Changes for ADvantage or SPPC Cases

Procedures for Case Number Changes