SNAP: UpdatedOral Communication of Work Registration and ABAWD

Policy changes in July 2021 add a new communication requirement relating to ABAWD and Work Registration. The goal is to ensure SNAP households understand the SNAP work provisions.

These changes require written and oral communication. State office has developed a Comprehensive Work Requirement Notice to cover the written requirements. This notice should be available by October 1, 2021. Workers must handle the oral communication with SNAP households.

What does the worker have to do?
Workers must explain both ABAWD and Work Registration to the household.The explanation must include

  • Who is subject to which work requirements,
  • What exemptions are available and how to request and verify exemptions for each work requirement,
  • What is good cause and how to request and verify good cause,
  • How to maintain eligibility under each work requirement,
  • What dates the household must act by to maintain eligibility,
  • What happens if a household member does not meet the requirements, and
  • How to regain eligibility,

The worker must provide each household with the worker’s cell phone number and email address and document this conversation in case notes. The worker should also explain how to submit verification through the Fast Pass option at

When does the worker have to offer these explanations?
The worker must discuss ABAWD and Work Registration during each initial or recertification interview, when a new person joins the household, and when a previously exempt household member becomes subject to these work requirements.
To whom does the worker have to speak?
The worker may explain ABAWD and Work Registration to any responsible household member or to an authorized representative. Anyone who the worker may interview on behalf of the household may have this conversation.
What happens if the worker cannot reach the household?
Since the worker may not certify the case without the interview, the interview requirement ensures that worker will speak to a household member or the authorized rep when the interview is necessary. During the certification period, the worker must make a “good faith effort” to reach the household and document these efforts in the case notes.“Good faith” means the worker sincerely and honestly tries to reach the household. Use every available means of making contact with the household. The worker should call the phone number(s) listed on the case, leave a voicemail if possible, and send the client an email asking to speak to the household when there is an email address available.

As long as the worker makes an honest attempt to reach the household and documents this attempt in case notes, SNAP will consider that the worker has made a “good faith effort.”

Does a “good faith effort” require the worker to send a Client Contact and Information Request (Form 08AD092E or ADM-92)?
No, the SNAP Unit has developed a Comprehensive Work Requirement Notice to inform the household of the ABAWD and Work Registration requirements. This Notice handles the written notice requirements. The worker should not send the Client Contact and Information Request (Form 08AD092E or ADM-92). The worker only needs to document in the case notes the worker’s attempts to reach the household through the available contacts.
If the worker waives the certification renewal interview for a household with only elderly or disabled adults and no earned income, does the worker still have to make a “good faith effort” to contact the household and provide the explanation?
It may be required. Workers must provide the oral explanation or make a “good faith” effort when at least one household member is not exempt from ABAWD or Work Registration. The certification renewal waiver allows us to waive the interview when a household includes only elderly or disabled adults, has no earned income, and has no other eligibility issues. When all the adult household members are elderly or disabled, it is likely all the household members will be exempt. But, for each case, the worker must determine whether all the household members are exempt and, when necessary, make a “good faith effort” to explain the ABAWD and Work Registration work requirements to the household. The worker must enter a case note explaining when the oral explanation did not occur because of the interview waiver.
Note: This instruction does not exempt workers from discussing ABAWD and Work Registration at the interview. This instruction only deals with instances when the certification renewal interview is waived.
Does the worker have to explain OK SNAP Works as a part of this process?
OK SNAP Works is voluntary SNAP Employment and Training Program and is not subject to this requirement. Understanding that, the worker should always be alert for ways to improve our client’s lives. The worker may also discuss OK SNAP Works with the household as a part of this process, but it is not required.

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