LIHEAP / ECAP: Utility Bill Verification


One of the questions that arise regarding LIHEAP/ECAP applications is whether the household has to provide an actual copy of a utility bill?

All the LIHEAP programs (Heating, Cooling and ECAP) require the following information to be included on the application:

  • an account number (for the address where the household resides),
  • an account name,
  • a utility provider name.

An example of the utility account information questions on the application is shown below.

Utility account questions in a table: Company name? Account Number? Account Name? If account in a different name, why?

If you are assisting a client with an online proxy, double check the client’s account number. This will include if there are any dashes, periods, or spaces in the account number. Incorrect account numbers can cause considerable delays, in eligible clients receiving assistance.

We do not have the ability to store or update client’s utility account information. Updating the utility account information has to be completed on an application during the General Open Enrollment period at OKDHSLive.

An actual copy of the utility bill is NOT required if the information above is provided on the application.

The Energy Crisis Assistance Program requires the household to have an energy crisis which the agent will verify with the utility provider.

Note: For ECAP the household must complete the crisis information questions on the application shown here as well as providing the above utility information.

Crisis information questions: Is this a new service? Minimum required deposit? Is your electric on? Cut off notice? Date of cut off? Amount of cut off?

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