Oral Communication of Work Registration and ABAWD

Policy Changes related to July 2021

Household Composition Gemba Card

Link to Household Composition Gemba Card

Shelter Expenses Gemba Card

Document & Resource for Gemba of Shelter Deduction

TANF Disqualification

TANF Fraud and Disqualification

Income – Earned Income Handling Checklist

Steps to handling earned income.

Sending the Interview Notice

To understand the process used in scheduling appointments for interviews

FDENY 45 Rules

Guidelines for using FDENY reason 45

ABAWD – Regained Y Months and Expedited Eligibility

All initial applications must be screened for expedited eligibility. If the client is also ABAWD (Able Bodied Adult without Dependents), expedited eligibility DOES NOT get ignored. If during the interview the client claims that: he/she does not meet any of the exemptions; has not worked at least 80 hours in any 30 day period since […]

Interview Process

Interviews are conducted for the purpose of assessing the needs of the individual making application to determine if additional services are needed and to obtain or request the necessary income and resource documentation to determine financial eligibility for the services being requested. If applicant is a recipient of SSI, see SSI-Criteria State articles. The interview […]

Expedited Processing