Fast Pass Instructions

Instructions regarding the Fast Pass feature of OKDHSLIVE

How to Locate Application Document

How to Access Documents in Harmony

Troubleshooting File Format Issues for Imaging

Sometimes we have a file that we can view, but it’s not in a format that will upload to imaging. Try to save it as a PDF if it’s a word document or a JPG if it’s an image/picture file. To save an image as JPG, use SAVE AS when downloading. Change the file type […]

Renewal/Application Report

Information about when and where the report from an OKDHS Live! action is created and stored.

What Information Do I Record in FACS Case Notes?

Information to record in each applicable FACS tab of the Interview Notebook during an application or review interview or prior to taking action on an application or review .

UpdatedDestroyed Food

Destroyed food – SNAP may replace food benefits when food was destroyed in a household misfortune.

UpdatedChanges: Replacement of Destroyed Food

In light of the recent ice storms, please remember OAC 340:50-11-64 permits the replacement of food purchased with SNAP benefits lost due to a “household misfortune.” Power loss when caused by an ice storm may qualify for replacement. How to help clients who lost food? If a SNAP recipient reports they lost food due to […]