Troubleshooting File Format Issues for Imaging

Sometimes we have a file that we can view, but it’s not in a format that will upload to imaging. Try to save it as a PDF if it’s a word document or a JPG if it’s an image/picture file. To save an image as JPG, use SAVE AS when downloading. Change the file type […]

How to Upload Documents to Workflow

Instructions regarding uploading documents to Workflow

Process for Clients with Legal Representation

Process for LTC applicants that have Legal Representation

Case Scan Report

Information and instructions on Case Scan Report

TEFRA Packet

Link to TEFRA Packet PDF

What to Do When Case Record is in Another County/Office

If a county office receives a request for benefits / services or any change request on an existing case in which the receiving county is not the county of record, there is no need to request a case transfer from the previous resident county. The receiving county would teleprocess the case to a worker in […]

Fair Hearings and Overpayment Claims

Fair Hearing requests will often be sent to the county office of record for a case. If the overpayment being appealed was submitted / written by an employee at the county office, it is the responsibility of that employee (or another designated county office employee) to complete the hearing summary (Form 13MP002E, H-1-A) and represent […]

Imaging Overpayment Records

It is federally mandated that counties mark case folders as “DO NOT DESTROY’ when there is an overpayment on the case. Because all counties have begun imaging case records. Benefit Integrity and Recovery (BIR) has had to consider the best way to ensure these overpayment records remain intact and do not get deleted, that the […]

UpdatedTax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA)

Policy Link Regarding TEFRA