Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): UpdatedSSP Best Practices

The following are answers to some of the most common questions regarding the Debit Card and Direct Deposit for cash benefits.

“I have not received my card”

If an ABD or TANF client says that they have not received their card, it may have been returned to the MasterCard vendor (which is currently Conduent) as undeliverable. If benefits have been returned, it will appear on the BN screen in IMS: on the line with an “EW” under the Benefit Type heading (TYP) that shows a credit (CR) under the Status/Issue heading “S/I”.

  • If you update the address in FACS, the new address will automatically be sent to the MasterCard vendor and the card will be re-mailed.
  • You will need to open a Remedy Web ticket with the AFS Helpdesk to have the benefit reissued.
  • Some clients are stating they are being charged a fee for the replacement card when they never received a card in the first place.
    • The fee for the first replacement card is only applied if the client requests expedited, or “overnight”, service.
    • A card replacement using regular mail is free.
    • If a card was never received and not returned, there will not be a credit showing on BN.
  • If the client contacts the MasterCard vendor, they will be told to call their worker in order to ask for the card to be re-sent.
  • As above, an address change in FACS will automatically cause this to happen.

“My card was lost or stolen”

A client can call the MasterCard vendor’s Customer Call Center at 1-888-929-2460.

How to PIN or Activate

When clients receive their card in the mail it will come with activation and PIN-ing instructions. This procedure is completed by calling the number given and following the prompts through an automated script.

  • In order to PIN the client must know the last 4 digits of their SSN or Client ID, and their Date of Birth. If a client says that they cannot PIN, please verify that we have their correct SSN and DOB on PS2. If it is incorrect and you fix it they will be able to PIN the next day.
  • If the recipient needs assistance with the automated PIN-ing of a card please encourage them to choose someone trustworthy as this person will have the PIN number for their card. Staff should consider risk and/or responsibility related to knowledge of the PIN when deciding whether to be included in the final step of the PIN-ing process. If someone is assisting a client efforts should be taken to give them privacy when they enter the actual PIN.

Holidays and Weekends

One of the advantages of the MasterCard is that the monthly client benefit or payment will issue on the 28th of the month even if the 28th is a weekend or holiday. The payment will be accessible after 9:00am on the 28th. Direct Deposits are not available until the first banking day after the 28th.

Other types of issuances

Payments made outside of Regular Roll are issued on the first business day after they are certified on the system; these types of payments are not made on weekends or holidays. These payments are available after 9:00pm on the first business day after they were issued and Direct Deposits are available on the first banking day after the day they are issued.

Links to documents on the Finance EPS Website

The new links are listed below. These may eventually change if Finance does any reorganizing on their website, but you can always find them by going to Finance Applications from the InfoNet Home Page, then clicking on Finance Units at the top, then choosing “Electronic Payment Services” near the bottom of the page.

Direct Deposit forms are no longer accepted by the vendor.

Direct Deposit

  • Can no longer be opened or modified on IMS using the BANK series of transactions. Clients wishing to open or modify Direct Deposit must call the ACS Customer Call Center at (888) 401-9843. Client with Internet access can go to and register an account. (They will need their debit card to register.) They can set up direct deposit once they are registered, as well as monitor the activity on their debit card.

Direct Deposit Follows the Payee; or to put it another way it belongs to the payee. If the Payee on the case changes then they will have to reenroll for Direct Deposit. Example: A child only ABD case was enrolled in Direct Deposit last year. You have now added the child’s parent as a Payee on the case. Even though they have not changed bank accounts they will need to reenroll in Direct Deposit for the new Payee.

Authorized Representatives

Are no longer added or modified through the EBTU transaction.

Client Number

Client number is used as the primary unique identifier for the TANF, and ABD MasterCard. Clients may be asked for this number when they call the ACS Customer Call Center. However they may also identify themselves using their Name, SSN and Date of Birth.

CMC Screen

CMC (space) and the Case Number is one quick way to reference the Client Number. The number is also on the second page of a client’s EF screen and indicated as the “Client #”. When using the number it should be used as it is represented including the leading zeroes. Client Number may also be known in different circles as the Client ID (CID), the Department Client Number (DCN) or the Recipient ID (RID). They are all the same number as the Client # on EF and CMC. One way a client can view their number is by looking in the lower right hand corner of their Oklahoma Health Care Authority Medical I.D. Card.

The Section A Guardian Field

(A32) is no longer used to track representative payees for TANF or ABD/SSP case issuances. Now the benefit is issued to the person coded as Payee on Section F of PS2. If you need to use the A32 field to hold an extra line of address you may do so by updating the information in A32 and A33.

(Note: this block is still used to send the name of a guardian/caregiver to OHCA on an ABD-related case.)

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