SSP Best Practices

Answers to some common questions about the Debit Card/Direct Deposit for cash benefits

Child Support: Who does it belong to?

For ABD-related benefits, child support is usually counted as income for the child for whom it is intended. Refer to article ABD: How to Code Child Support 1/3 Deduction for Child with Disability for explanation on how to count the child support when determining eligibility for a child who has a disability. If eligibility is […]

Child Support – CIRIA Screen 5

The CIRIA screen is an inquiry screen to see information on the non-custodial parent (NCP), birth parent (BP) and the custodial parent (CP). This is a clone of the CIRI screen but does not contain Federal Tax Information data. The CIRIA screen has 5 pages. CIRIA is used to gain identifying information such as social […]

Child Support – Reviewing Child Support Screens

Child Support screens are frequently used to review information and income when determining eligibility for AFS programs. Here are some valuable tips on what to look for on child support screens and how the information relates to different programs in AFS. For all programs – applications and reviews: ACES scan or PY search on each […]

State Data Exchange (SDX) Recipient Payee Codes

Block 001 – Social Security Number Block 002 – Name Block 003 – Date of Birth Note: Blocks 004 – 010 are addressed in article IMS: State Data Exchange (SDX) Payment Status Codes. Block 011 Source File Block 012 – Recipient type AI – Aged Individual AS – Aged Spouse BI – Blind Individual BS […]