SSI and Child Care Coding

Coding examples of when a child care recipient receives SSI.

SSP Best Practices

Answers to some common questions about the Debit Card/Direct Deposit for cash benefits

How to Code SSP Cases With Guardians or Representatives

Coding used to certify a case when there is a guardian or representative on a SSP case: For medical benefits, the name of a guardian or representative is put in the “Guardian, Substitute Payee, Conservator, Authorized Representative, Other” block and that name is sent to OHCA; OHCA will then speak to this person on the […]

ELIGIBILITY – Minor Parents

TANF Eligibility for Minor Parent To be included in the TANF benefit, a minor unmarried parent (under 18 years of age) must live with: A parent (natural, adoptive or stepparent) Legal guardian Other adult relative age 18 or older Live in a foster home Live in a maternity home Live in another supportive living arrangement […]

UpdatedHousehold Composition & Income Consideration

340:40-7-6 One of the primary tasks to be completed during the childcare application process is to determine which household members must be included on the case. Three types of possible household members need to be considered. Parents Caretakers Children Parents All natural, adoptive, or step-parents must be included in the household. Parents who are temporarily […]

How Do I Create a D Case for a Child?

Creating a D case for a child using the ps1b transaction in IMS In IMS, type ps1b Press Enter Tab to Case Number field and enter D Tab to Section Field and enter B Enter App Date in MM/DD/YY format Enter Supervisor Enter Worker Number Enter County Number Enter Office code UE PT: Leave Blank […]