Lump Sum Payment

Lump sum payment – is a payment based on an accumulation of income and payments.

Earned Income Disregard Scenarios

Cindy Lou Horton receives a $292 cash assistance payment for a three person household.  She starts working and earns $700 per month.  After applying the $240 work related expense and $230 one half remainder earned income exemptions, the recipient remains eligible for a $62 cash assistance payment ($700 – $240 – $230 = $230.  $292 […]

Earned Income Disregard Q & A

What is the purpose of the TANF 3 month Earned Income Disregard? Research has shown that the first three months after TANF closure due to earnings are the most critical months for success or failure.   Much like SNAP’s transitional food benefit, the Earned Income Disregard provides a brief cushion of support during the transition from […]