Transfer of Assets FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Transfer of Assets

Home Property / Revocable Trusts

Effective 09/01/2016 Home Property in a revocable trust is considered an available resource. When a client’s home property is in a revocable trust, the worker informs the client or his or her representative that the home property exemption does not apply unless the property is removed from the revocable trust. The worker provides the client […]

Copay; To Exempt, or not to Exempt

The family share copayment is assigned to one provider per case. When more than one provider is used by the family, the worker determines which provider gives the most costly care to the family. The worker uses the current Appendix C-4-B, Child Care Provider Rate Schedule, to determine the daily rate for each child based […]

UpdatedSSI-Criteria State Order of Deductions for Earned Income

Order of deductions to earned income of ABD individual.

Lump Sum Payment

Lump sum payment – is a payment based on an accumulation of income and payments.

High School Equivalency Certificate

High school equivalency certificate – Persons seeking to obtain a high school equivalency certificate enroll in coursework that helps them pass a test that demonstrates they possess the knowledge equivalent to a high school graduate. Possible test include the High School Equivalency Exam (HISET), General Educational Development (GED), or the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC). […]

Home Property with Equity > the Maximum Home Equity Standard

Home Property Explanation

Home Property Forms

If a client resides in the nursing home, and owns home property both the following forms MUST BE SIGNED at the time of application regardless of property exemption: Acknowledgment of Temporary Absence/Home Property Policy form(08MA010E) also known as the MA-10 form Acknowledgment of Intent to Return Home/Medicaid Recovery Program form (08MA024E) also known as the […]

UpdatedABAWD: Coding

Explanation of ABAWD Codes.

UpdatedABAWD: Notice of 3rd K Month

ABAWD status should be checked at every certification and renewal for every member of the household.