Income Deductions (Eligible Individual with Ineligible Spouse)

How to divide the income deductions in FACS between an eligible individual and the ineligible spouse.


Deductions – expenses that may be subtracted from gross income vary depending on the program.  Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-7-11. Sources of income considered; and 340:40-7-13. Computation of income. LIHEAP: 340:20-1-11. Income and liquid resources. SNAP: 340:50-3-2. Interview process; 340:50-3-3. Verification; 340:50-5-29. Homeless households; 340:50-7-29. Income inclusions; 340:50-7-30. Self-employed […]


Once gross income is computed, the only allowable deduction from gross income is the amount of verified legally-binding child support payments paid by a household member to or for a non-household member. Child support may include, but is not limited to: Child support, child support arrearages, medical insurance, or other health care premiums, child care […]