Illegal Alien

Illegal or undocumented alien – a person who is not a U.S. citizen and does not have documents showing he or she entered the U.S. legally. LIHEAP: 340:20-1-10. Program factors. Public Assistance Procedures 340:65-3-1. Determination of eligibility; and 340:65-3-4. Investigation of eligibility conditions and services planning SNAP: 340:50-5-8.1. Ineligible and illegal aliens. SoonerCare (Medicaid) 317:35-5-25. […]


Deductions – expenses that may be subtracted from gross income vary depending on the program.  Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-7-11. Sources of income considered; and 340:40-7-13. Computation of income. LIHEAP: 340:20-1-11. Income and liquid resources. SNAP: 340:50-3-2. Interview process; 340:50-3-3. Verification; 340:50-5-6. Households with non-household members; 340:50-5-29. Homeless households; […]

Income and Resource Standards for LIHEAP

Determine eligibility for LIHEAP, ECAP, and Summer Cooling Use Appendix C-7 to determine eligibility for LIHEAP, ECAP, and Summer Cooling. Please note that this appendix is updated each year. Ensure that you are using the latest version. Appendix C-7 – Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Income and Resource Level by Household Size

Shelter Utility Allowance

Prorating Expenses

Shelter, child care, and/or child support deductions for SNAP households can be prorated.