One Third Reduction Rule

Instructions regarding One Third Reduction Rule for Someone Living with Another Household

Shelter Expenses Gemba Card

Document & Resource for Gemba of Shelter Deduction

Special Needs Trust

What a special needs trust is, the criteria that must be met to be a special needs trust, what can be done with the money, what happens when the beneficiary dies, what are a worker’s responsibilities in regard to a special needs trust

Expedited Services Examples

The following are examples on how to determine whether or not a SNAP application is expedited or not: Please use the current Appendix C-3 to determine which utility standards to use in your calculations. John applies for SNAP benefits. John has earned income of $800 per month, pays shelter expense of $500, and he is […]

EA Screen

Check the EA screen to obtain case and household information. To view this screen: Login to IMS Clear the screen Type EA (space) and the case number Press ‘Enter’   Field Descriptions A1 – Case Number A4 – County Number A7 – County Code A10 – Supervisor Number A13 – Worker Number A16 – Language […]


Homeless – when a person does not have a fixed residence.  Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-7-8. Defining the need factor for child care benefits SNAP: 340:50-1-3. Utilization of benefits; 340:50-5-7.1. Residents of institutions; 340:50-5-29. Homeless households; 340:50-5-66. Residence; 340:50-5-100. Able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWD) work requirements and time limits; […]


Deductions – expenses that may be subtracted from gross income vary depending on the program.  Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-7-11. Sources of income considered; and 340:40-7-13. Computation of income. LIHEAP: 340:20-1-11. Income and liquid resources. SNAP: 340:50-3-2. Interview process; 340:50-3-3. Verification; 340:50-5-29. Homeless households; 340:50-7-29. Income inclusions; 340:50-7-30. Self-employed […]

Shelter Utility Allowance

Utility Deduction

Determining the correct utility deduction to give a household is an important aspect of the SNAP benefits. The following are the only options available for utility deductions: Standard Utility Allowance (SUA) SUA covers household with heating or cooling costs. Examples of heating costs include gas, propane, butane and wood. Cooling costs are limited to costs […]

Shelter Deduction Examples

Example 1: Rent Deposit Kent and Kristy visited the office to apply for SNAP benefits. During the interview they stated that they have a new apartment now and their rent according to their lease is $700 monthly. They had to pay an additional $300 for a deposit the first month. Rent deposits are not countable […]