Child Support Calculator Set Up and Use Instructions

The Child Support Calculator Tool (CSCT) functions to reduce common, unearned income errors by simplifying navigation of the IMS KI1 Screen, and plotting the most recent four months of payment data to a traditional monthly calendar to aid in pattern identification. CSCT Initial Set-Up The first step in using the CSCT is making sure the […]

Child Support Calculator Payment Recommendations

Recommendations regarding Child Support Payments

Child Support Calculator Overview

Overview of information regarding the Child Support Calculator

Income – Unearned Income Checklist

Key Points in Reviewing Unearned Income

Child Support: Who does it belong to?

For ABD-related benefits, child support is usually counted as income for the child for whom it is intended. Refer to article ABD: How to Code Child Support 1/3 Deduction for Child with Disability for explanation on how to count the child support when determining eligibility for a child who has a disability. If eligibility is […]

How to Consider & Code Child Support for ABD-Related Benefits

For ABD-related benefits, child support is generally considered income for the child rather than the parent. If the child support payment is for more than one child, divide the amount received by the number of children for whom it is intended. Example: Martha is applying for ABD benefits for herself and her son John. Her […]

How to Code Child Support 1/3 Deduction for Child with Disability

317:35-5-42(b)(5) If child support is received for a minor child with a disability, 1/3 is deducted from the eligible child’s share of the child support; the remainder is counted towards eligibility. CMS has said that the deduction is still given if an adult receives support that should have been received while s/he was still a […]

How to Close a TANF Case on Child / Spousal Support

Closing TANF because of Child / Spousal Support. Continued Medical Instructions.

Income – SSI/SSA Unearned Income

Trend Trigger New Interpretations for Unearned Income

UpdatedEBT, Cash Assistance, and Other Cards

Description of different cards and their use.