How to Complete the Title XIX Worksheet (Community Spouse)

Instructions on Completing the MA-12

UpdatedSpousal Impoverishment Examples – Resources

Resources are determined by adding the total resources that are individually and jointly available to the couple as of the month of the individual’s entry into the nursing facility, regardless of the date of application for Medicaid. For ADvantage and HCBW use the date of application to determine total resources for the couple. The amount […]

Spousal Impoverishment Examples – Income

Income is determined separately for an individual and his/her spouse for ADvantage, Nursing Home Care and Home Community Base Waiver / Intellectually Disabled (HCBW/ID) services. If the Community Spouse (CS’s) monthly gross income is less than the Maximum monthly income standard as shown on Appendix C-1, Schedule XI, the Institutionalized Spouse (IS) may deem a […]